Urlaub in Schottland

Urlaub in Schottland geht natürlich nicht ohne Übernachtung in Schottland. Wir bieten Ihnen für Ihre Reise ein Ferienhaus oder Cottage, Bed&Breakfast Pensionen und viele Hotels für Ihren Urlaub an. Sie können in Ihrem Urlaub entweder an einem Ort bleiben oder einer Rundreise folgen und dabei auf der Reise Strecke die Unterkunft ständig wechseln. Beide Arten des Urlaubs haben einen eigenen Reiz. Ein für längere Zeit der Reise festes Ferienhaus oder Cottage bietet mehr Erholung und Sie brauchen nicht ständig die Koffer in Ihrem Urlaub packen. Dabei erkunden Sie im Urlaub die spezielle Gegend von Schottland genauer. Bei einer Rundreise lernen Sie mehr Landschaften kennen. Natürlich können Sie auf der Reise auch beide Arten des Urlaubs kombinieren. Sollten Sie nicht mit einem Auto Ihre Rundreise fahren wollen, haben wir auch Wohnmobile und Boote.

Bedingungen von JAC Travel

Bei Abweichungen in Einzelpunkten zwischen den Bedingungen von Britain Travel und JAC Travel gelten die Bedingungen von Britian Travel. Das gilt insbesondere bei den Preisen, Stornierungskosten und -zeiten.

Welcome to Jac Travel Ltd. These are our Terms & Conditions which must be read prior to booking with us, either via the JacTravel Booking System, an API link and/or traditional manual booking methods.  Please consider them carefully as you will be bound by them.  They set out our respective rights and obligations, and also explain how best to access our products and how the various booking processes work.

JacTravel Ltd agrees to provide you with access to JAC TRAVEL product via JacTravel Booking System, API Link or Fax/email (as applicable).  JAC TRAVEL acts as agent at all times for the hotels and other service providers.  Please ensure that you refer to the sections of these terms and conditions which are relevant to you and the way you access Jac Travel.

Jac Travel reserves the right to change or update these terms and conditions without prior notice. This will not affect existing bookings unless stated (for example changes to Government Taxes or similar). The latest version will always be available on the JacTravel Booking System and by using the site and accessing our product by any means you are accepting the latest version available. Those not having access to the JacTravel booking system will be advised accordingly.

1.  WHEN MAKING A BOOKING (From Allocation)

1.1   It is your responsibility when making a booking on behalf of guests to ensure the correct service, hotel and room type, dates and passengers is booked.
1.2   Access to our product is available to you for making legitimate bookings only – not for speculative, false, dummy or fraudulent bookings.
1.3   You accept financial responsibility for all transactions which you make, including liability for fraudulent bookings.
1.4   You must give us accurate information for all passengers travelling within each booking you make.
1.5   Accommodation and services provided are only for the use of passengers shown on the client invoice. It is prohibited for the passenger(s) to sub-let, share or transfer any part of the booking to a third party other than that shown on the Booking Status Advice.
1.6 Please note that rates are as displayed on our booking system at the time of booking.  Any alternative rates we quote will be advised in writing and are subject to availability and reconfirmation at time of booking.
1.7 Reservation requests must be sent by e-mail to res@jactravel.co.uk and set out in the following sequence: Your contact name, agency name, your reference, city, hotel, arrival date, number of nights, number and type of rooms required, guest names and ages of all children.
1.8 We will not action any requests made over the telephone and will not honour any rates you claim we have given to you over the phone. Any alternative rates must be confirmed by us in writing.
1.9   Amendments must be in the same sequence but proceeded by the Jac Travel reference number and followed by your new requirements. Please note Name amendments, may not always be possible, and are subject to re-confirmation by the Hotel, Alternatively, you may be asked to ‘cancel’ and ‘rebook’ at prices and availability appropriate at the time.
1.10 Test Bookings (entfällt)
1.11 Guidance for the JacTravel Booking System ONLY:
1.11.1    Jac Travel website session(s) will automatically timeout after 4 (four) hours of non-activity. After this time a pop up message will appear advising the user to log in again.
1.11.2    Where the user has not gone beyond the second “Confirm” button to complete the booking it will time out after 15 (fifteen) minutes. In this case the booking is deemed incomplete and automatically erased from the system. If then attempting to click the second “Confirm” button and continue with the booking after this time, a pop up message will appear advising the user to enter the booking again.


2.1   As soon as Jac Travel confirms a reservation then the booking has been made and we do not require a reconfirmation from you. It is your responsibility to cancel this booking with Jac Travel if it is not required. If services are not cancelled you will incur cancellation charges as set out under the cancellation policy.
2.2   In the case of API clients an XML message is returned advising the status of the booking – it is not possible to confirm API
bookings by email or fax
2.3   Jac Travel clients receive confirmations for all bookings with a reference number (e.g. JCJA1234567); this must be used in all future correspondence.
2.4   In the event of duplicate bookings there may be charges for all identical confirmed bookings. JacTravel will endeavour to minimise the charges but can not guarantee to waive the charges.


3.1   You acknowledge that the availability of the facilities and features listed for each hotel are under the direct control of each hotel and as such Jac Travel cannot be held responsible if those facilities or features are not made available to you during the period of the hotel stay.  No liability is accepted in relation to hotel descriptions. If a facility or feature is of particular importance to you, then you should check with Jac Travel or the hotel (we accept no liability if you contact the hotel directly)
that this facility or feature will be available during your dates of stay. Some facilities may not be available in all room types. For example, swimming pools and air conditioning may only be available seasonally and it is your responsibility to check that
these facilities will be available during the dates of your stay.
3.2   Please note that check in times do vary from country to country. This usually ranges from between 12.00 Hrs & 16.00 Hrs


4.1   Photographs and images can be an indicative and/or generic representation of our product. In the case of room types it is important that you are aware of the exact room type booked. JacTravel Ltd makes every effort to ensure images used are indicative of the product being sold and are up to date, however we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Photos are not necessarily the specific rooms allocated to  guests and could be of different room types than that booked, e.g. standard, superior, deluxe etc
4.2   Jac Travel will endeavour to provide the room type(s) booked, however there may be occasions when instead of a double- bedded room a twin may be allocated instead. We guarantee that the room will be suitable for the number of guests booked.
4.3   Star Ratings and quality of Accommodation
4.3.1 Jac Travel undertakes its own categorisation of properties, which represents our view as to relative quality. These may differ from those published.
4.3.2Furthermore the application of star ratings may vary in quality from country to country and should not be relied upon alone to indicate the quality of the accommodation. The type and size of rooms provided by a hotel (such as single, double) may also vary from country to country. It is up to you to independently check that the type of the accommodation and services provided by each hotel meets your needs. An example of each room type is outlined below and these are guidelines only.

Twin room

Accommodation for two adults in a room with two beds. Bed sizes for this room type are usually "twin" in European hotels and "queen" in North America.

Double room

Accommodation for two adults in a room with one bed or sometimes two beds made up as one.

Single room

Accommodation for one adult in a room with one bed.

Double/Twin room for sole use

Accommodation for one adult in a room with one or two beds. This room type is suitable for accommodating one person only.

Triple room

Accommodation for three adults in a room with two or three beds. Bed sizes and arrangements may vary. A Triple room does not guarantee three separate beds. This may include a rollaway bed.

Quad room

Accommodation for four adults in a room with two, three or four beds. This may include rollaway beds. Arrangement of beds may vary considerably

Double/Twin + 1 child

Twin or Double room (based on 2 full paying passengers) with an extra bed or rollaway suitable for a child – ages & rates as per details on our JacTravel Booking System. In some hotels an extra bed for a child is not always guaranteed and the child may need to share adults bed.

Double/Twin + 2 children

Twin or Double room (are priced based on 3 full paying passengers) with extra beds or rollaway beds suitable for children – ages & rates as per details on our JacTravel Booking System. In some hotels an extra bed for a child is not always guaranteed and the child may need to share adults bed.
Dormitory Style. This may consist of a bunk bed or single bed in a shared mixed gender dormitory.

Cot/cradle or crib

This service is on request and suitable for a child under the age of 2 years; a charge may be made locally by the hotel.

Disabled room facilities

are subject to availability and should always be on request


5.1   Individual hotel and supplier child policies and prices are provided as follows: for Jac Travel users in the Hotel Directory under “Prices and for” API clients in the static data; and in client proposals for those via Traditional booking methods.
5.2   Where applicable, child discounts apply to the first child sharing ONLY. An additional child sharing is charged at the adult rate.
5.3   Please note: UK ONLY- Infants and children are not permitted under any circumstances to share a bed with an adult.
5.4   Where child sharing is free of charge child breakfast is not included unless stated.
5.5   Children must be booking with at least one accompanying adult. Minors under 18 (Europe) and 21 (USA) travelling by themselves may not be permitted.


6.1   Where allocations are unavailable reservation requests if not made online must be emailed to  res@jactravel.co.uk and set out in the following sequence: Your contact name, agency name, your reference, city, hotel, arrival date, number of nights, number and type of rooms required, guest names and ages of all children (Credit Card customers are required to make On Requests via JacTravel Booking System ONLY)
6.2   We will not action any requests made over the phone and will not honour any rates you claim we have given to you over the phone.
6.3   On request bookings are only confirmed subject to written confirmation from Jac Travel (Please see clause 7.).
6.4   If you do not receive this notification within 24 hours please check that we have received your booking request, as without our confirmation you cannot consider the booking or part thereof to be confirmed.
6.5   When an alternative hotel is confirmed please note:  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CANCEL OR AMEND THE BOOKING BEFORE THE CANCELLATION DEADLINE TO AVOID CANCELLATION / NO SHOW CHARGES. Jac Travel will charge you for any late cancellation/no show.


7.1   It is your responsibility to check all details on our booking confirmations, amendments & cancellations.
7.2   Jac Travel needs to be informed immediately of any errors, as we cannot guarantee to be able to make corrections at a later date.
7.3   Confirmations will be sent in writing from our in-house booking system. You must therefore provide a default fax number or
email address (Please note: our system only allows for one default contact address). If this is to be changed it is your responsibility to advise Jac Travel immediately.


8.1   Passenger vouchers must include the following information:
o    Full name and address of the service supplier (details as per our booking confirmation).
o    Dates, descriptions & specific requirements of the services provided (as applicable).
o    Name(s) and number of passenger(s). Names must read exactly the same as in the reservation
o    Jac Travel booking reference number i.e. JCJA1234567.
o    All vouchers should include “This reservation is booked and payable via JacTravel Ltd who act as agent for the supplier. In case of any emergency or problem with any service, please contact JacTravel Ltd.”
o    Jac Travel emergency contact telephone numbers (Please refer: EMERGENCY COVER).
o    Passengers not able to submit a valid voucher may be required to pay the relevant retail price locally. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they are in possession of the voucher, and no liability is accepted by Jac Travel for their failure to do so.
o    The above information is integral to the booking process. Jac Travel will not accept any liability for losses suffered as a result of the relevant information not being displayed on the passenger voucher.
o    If we receive a supplier invoice with your voucher, we will invoice you based on the details in your voucher.


9.1  ALL prices:
o    Are strictly confidential and must not be disclosed or used in negotiations with a hotel/supplier or third party.
o    Are subject to change without notice as we operate a system of fluid pricing particularly during “Fair, Event and Peak” periods, unless agreed in writing with Jac Travel management.
o    Are net per room per night and include government taxes (resort fees and city taxes will not always be included and may be payable by the guest locally, directly to the hotel). and breakfast where indicated. (Hotels in USA/Canada generally do not include breakfast).
o    Are in Euros (for ALL Europe), Sterling (UK), Canadian $ (Canada) and US $ (USA, Dubai, Morocco & Asia). Any exception or deviation from this can be seen at the time of booking.
9.2    Individual hotel and supplier child prices are stated on our website in the Hotel Directory.
9.3   We reserve the right to amend all rates quoted in the event of any changes in Government taxes. Any such charges will affect new and existing bookings for passengers who have yet to stay at the hotel or utilise the service booked.
9.4   An invoice will be raised for each booking and emailed to you unless an alternative method has been agreed.
9.5   At certain time bookings may have a price confirmed which is higher than the rate we publish and even the normal rack rate.
This is usually due to a hotel charging because of a difficult or busy periods (E.G. Trade Fairs & Sporting Events) In this case the rate on the booking confirmation will supersede the normal rate published.
9.6   Prices will be confirmed at time of booking. These will override any previous prices quoted.


10.1 During some Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Sporting Events etc. prices may be above rack rates.
10.2 Should any such date periods change or new rates apply these will be confirmed at time of booking and invoiced at the applicable rate. You must therefore ensure your client is aware of and willing to pay the increased price. If not you must cancel or amend the booking.
10.3 Some hotels may stipulate that bookings during Fair periods or high season are for a minimum stay. Once accepting the booking you will be liable for all the nights whereby no refund will be given. If cancelling or departing earlier full charges will apply.
10.4 Rooms may not be held for these periods in fictitious names. In this case non-arrival charges will be incurred.
10.5 Trade Fairs/Special Events bookings must not be made with fictitious names for you to hold space. If you do not book with the correct names we reserve the right to cancel your booking and/or impose no show/cancellation charges on behalf of the supplier.

11. CANCELLATIONS AND AMENDMENTS (hier gelten die Bedingungen von Britain Travel)

11.1 Amendments are ONLY valid if received in writing by JacTravel Ltd.
11.2 Bookings are to be cancelled via the JacTravel Booking System or the API (API Clients only).  Please refer to Schedules 1 and 2 for full details of our cancellation and amendment policies.
11.3 It is the responsibility of API and Jac Travel users to ensure All “Test” bookings are cancelled online and prior to cancellation deadlines. Failure to do so will incur a charge.
11.4 Cancellations are ONLY valid if received either online or in writing to JacTravel Ltd and NOT directly with the hotel/supplier. Any cancellations that are made directly with the hotel by you or your customers are not considered valid. You must make all the cancellations or amendments and/or early check outs with JacTravel authorization.
11.5 Written notification of cancellation will be sent. If you do not receive this notification within 24 hours (working days) please check that we have received your cancellation request. Without our confirmation you cannot consider the booking or part thereof as cancelled and charges will therefore apply.
11.6 In the event of a dispute, Jac Travel will not accept any correspondence in which “Cancelled” been written over the original request.
11.7 Amendments will not always be possible.  For name changes, refer to point 1.2 of our terms and conditions.
11.8 Please note that stays of 7 nights or more may attract different cancellation/amendment policies. Please check with our reservations department.


12.1 Please note that a voluntary change of hotel by a client/guest depending when this change is made, may incur late cancellation charges from the original hotel


13.1 Jac Travel acts as agent for the accommodation providers and all assistance set out in this clause is provided on a goodwill basis.  There may be cases where Jac Travel has to relocate bookings on behalf of the supplier, for example due to overbookings, contractual disputes, the failure of the supplier etc. In these cases Jac Travel will try to assist you in finding suitable alternative arrangements of equivalent quality within the locality of the original hotel booked. Should the alternatives suggested not be acceptable, you can cancel and receive a FULL refund of all monies paid for the accommodation booking in question (provided that cancellations are received before cancellation time limit). Jac Travel are only responsible for the Hotel standards and Room Type booked, and are not obliged to offer hotels of a higher standard or alternative room types, even if available in the original hotel. E.g. Jac Travel will not cover additional costs incurred of room upgrades such as Standard to Suites.
13.2 If Jac Travel are unable to fulfill a booking due to Health & Safety reasons following an assessment at the hotel, Jac Travel will not be responsible for additional costs incurred in relocating the booking to an alternative hotel.
13.3 On spot relocations – You must notify JacTravel immediately in the event of any discrepancies on arrival. Refer to our contact details.  Failing to inform JacTravel may affect future complaints or any compensation settlement.


14.1 These are available in several of our key cities – see Jac Travel for information on all services that are available to book online.  They are subject to confirmation (Please refer: CONFIRMATIONS).
14.2 For departure transfers it is your responsibility to ensure passengers are given sufficient pick up time. Jac Travel recommends a minimum of 3hours for all airports with the exception of London Gatwick and Stansted Airports which will require 4 hours.
14.3 Transfers rates are valid for Airport or city stations to city centre hotels only and vice versa.
Your contract for the supply of such attractions is with the supplier and their terms and conditions will apply to the arrangement(s) in question. JacTravel accept no responsibility for the actual provision of the arrangements themselves which are provided by the suppliers of those arrangements, or for the acts or omissions of the supplier(s) concerned or any of its employees, agents, suppliers or subcontractors.


15.1 Jac Travel will pass on special requests to the relevant hotel or supplier, however these are not guaranteed and do not make up any part of the booking as detailed on the client invoice.
15.2 When special requests are added at the time of booking via XML or www.jachotels.co.uk, they will be transmitted automatically to the supplier.  Should a request be made after the booking date, Jac Travel will endeavour to notify the hotel or supplier, however such requests are not guaranteed and do not make up part of the booking as detailed on the client voucher. Any failure to meet such requests will not be a breach of contract on the part of the supplier.


16.1 Jac Travel provides goodwill assistance with complaints in their capacity as agent for the supplier, and no liability is accepted.
16.2 It is the Jac Travel customer care policy to acknowledge receipt of complaints within 2 working days, and to investigate all complaints and to respond within 15 working days of receipt from the Client. We will do our utmost to ensure the cause of the complaint does not re-occur and to keep the relevant authorities informed within Jac Travel in order to take relevant action.
16.3 We would like to have the opportunity of helping to resolve any problems your passengers may have at the time an incident occurs rather than satisfying any disappointments upon their return home.
16.4 Please take up any issue with the hotel/supplier directly whilst passengers are still at the hotel, to give them the opportunity to resolve the problem. If you have done this and not received a satisfactory resolution to the problem please contact Jac Travel. If an offer is made by the hotel/supplier where Jac Travel is required to resolve the issue later, the passenger will need to provide proof of this in writing endorsed by the hotel/supplier.
16.5 If a satisfactory solution cannot be found please contact Jac Travel Reservations during working hours as follows:
o    Tel:    +44 (0) 20 7870 8560
o    Email:    res@jactravel.co.uk
o    Fax:    +44 (0) 20 8748 8963
and we will endeavour to assist in our capacity as agent.
16.6 We strongly advise in the case of any query or issue locally the client contacts our 24/7 Emergency Service. This service is operated 365 days a year: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7870 8560 (Please refer: Emergency Cover).  Please ensure your passengers have the Emergency Cover contact number. This will assist in resolving issues as and when they happen to the satisfaction of the passenger. Please note: this is for emergency issues ONLY and not for general reservations, cancellations or amendments.
16.7 Once the passenger has returned home from their trip, any complaints must be sent in writing with all relevant correspondence to Customer Care within ONE calendar month after the return date of the passenger. Since we cannot acknowledge the receipt of all complaints, please ensure that you check with us to confirm your complaint has been received. We will then liaise with the hotel/supplier.
16.8 Failure to comply with this simple complaints policy may affect the passenger’s right to compensation from the hotel/supplier.
16.9 Please consider the following complaint guidelines for some of the most common complaints:
16.9.1Customer charged locally
o    Where direct charge(s) have been made by the Hotel, which are only those included in the booking as invoiced, we will require a copy of the receipt or bill from the hotel. This is to be sent to our Customer Services department. Bank or credit card statements will not be accepted
o    Please check and advise that the passengers were in possession of a voucher and that this was presented to the hotel at check in. Please provide a copy of the applicable voucher. This is to be sent to our Customer Services department (The contents as required on a voucher are stated in these terms and conditions).
16.9.2 Delays at check in
o    Please ask your passengers to specify:
Their time of arrival
To advise length of delay prior to being allowed to check-in?
Were they in possession of a voucher and was this presented at check in?
Did the hotel give any reason(s) for the delay?
16.9.3 No Reservation
o    Were they in possession of a voucher and was this presented at check in?
o    What reason did the hotel give for not having the reservation?
o    Did the hotel provide transfers to an alternative hotel if applicable? If additional charges were incurred please provide applicable receipts or bills. These are to be sent to our Customer Services department.
o    What was the name of the hotel the client finally stayed in?
16.9.4 Voluntary change of hotel by passenger
o    The passenger will be responsible for all charges in this case
16.9.5 Quality & Standard
o    Please ask the passenger to list these issues and it is important that these are very specific
o    Please provide photographs if available
o    Did the passenger complain directly to the hotel and if so to whom (this is strongly advised)?
o    What action did the hotel take?
Email:    Customercare@jactravel.co.uk    Fax:    +44 (0) 20 8748 8963


17.1 All Jac Travel hotels are inspected  via a self certification system. Part of this process involves the completion of a Health & Safety report by each property. In the event of a health & safety issue involving a client, Jac Travel will conduct an investigation in accordance with the company customer care policy. Please note that this information is provided in order to assist our clients, however Jac Travel acts as agent for the hotels and does not provide any warranties as to the suitability of the hotels listed, or accept any liability in relation to health and safety issues at any of the hotels. The Jac Travel system performs a static upload of product descriptions on a regular basis. Any errata information received from hoteliers will be highlighted to you forthwith.


18.1 For any group of 9 (nine) or more passengers booked online, specific terms and conditions may apply for amendment and cancellation policies. Please check with our Reservations department.  Bookings over 9 passengers for the same hotel and the same dates made under different reference numbers may constitute a group booking therefore different cancellation policies and rates may apply.
Email:    res@jactravel.co.uk
Fax:    +44 (0) 20 8748 8963
18.2 All bookings for less than 9 (nine) passenger will be dealt with as standard FIT bookings ONLY.
18.3 Our Groups brand Jac Travel will undertake Groups of 16 (sixteen) or more passengers for hotel reservations ONLY and for a group of any size where coach transportation; sightseeing and other ground arrangements are required.
18.4 All groups are subject to independent terms & conditions. These will be advised at time of booking.
Tel:    +44 (0) 20 7870 8557
Email:    groups@jactravel.co.uk
Fax:    +44 (0) 20 8748 8846
Web:    www.jactravel.co.uk


19.1 We regret that we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our obligations under this agreement is prevented or affected by “force majeure.”
19.2 “Force majeure” means any event, which Jac Travel or the supplier of the service(s), even with all due care, could not foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, extreme weather conditions, natural or man made disaster, fire, and all similar events outside our control.

20. LOGINS & PASSWORDS (JacTravel Booking System only)

20.1 All logins and passwords remain the property of Jac Travel. They are strictly confidential and should only be given to members of staff who need access to the JacTravel Booking System.
20.2 Jac Travel reserves the right to periodically change logins and passwords. It is your responsibility to advise Jac Travel immediately if a staff member who has access to the JacTravel Booking System has left the company. We will cancel the existing login and password and reissue accordingly. If JacTravel has not been advised and bookings/cancellations are subsequently made, this will be your responsibility and you will be liable to Jac Travel for any losses we incur as a result.
20.3 For any queries please contact: sales@remove-this.jactravel.co.uk


21.1 Our reservations, marketing, sales, editorial and technical executives do everything in their power to ensure that all information contained on this site or provided within the static data (API) is accurate and up-to-date. As much of the information is supplied by hotels or other suppliers, JacTravel Ltd cannot accept any liability for any errors which may occur . Your use of the JacTravel Ltd site indicates that you accept this limitation of liability.
21.2 Jac Travel is not responsible for providing information on the laws and immigration/visa requirements of any Country.
21.3 JacTravel Ltd welcomes news of any errors that you might find on our site pages. Please do not hesitate to contact us at res@remove-this.jactravel.co.uk


22.1 For technical and IT related issues please contact:  helpdesk@remove-this.jactravel.co.uk


23.1 As we act only as agent for the suppliers when making arrangements for hotels, transportation and any other suppliers, we cannot accept any liability for any act(s) or omission(s) on their part or of anyone representing or employed by them. Further, we cannot accept any liability for any shortcomings or defects with or in any hotel. Your contract with the supplier of any services booked through Jac Travel is subject to their terms and conditions, which may contain additional limitations to their liability. Our maximum liability to you if we are found to be at fault in relation to any service we provide (as opposed to any service provided by the Hotels/Suppliers for whom we are not responsible) is limited to the commission we have earned or are due to earn in relation to the booking in question. We do not exclude or limit any liability for death or personal injury which arises as a result of our negligence or that of our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment.
23.2 JacTravel Ltd undertakes to do everything within its power to ensure the availability of our systems at all times. If not available JacTravel Ltd undertakes to minimise down time. Problems arising from external issues are not the responsibility of JacTravel Ltd.  JacTravel Ltd does not accept any liability for any losses of any nature whatsoever incurred due to the unavailability of Jac Travel systems.


24.1 Each party shall keep confidential any information disclosed to it by the other and neither party shall disclose any such information to any third party, save any officer, employee or contract staff during the time working for the party concerned who may reasonably need to know it.
24.2 The parties undertake to inform the other party as soon as is reasonably possible if they become aware of or suspect that any confidential information belonging to the other has come to the knowledge of a third party.

25. PAYMENTS (entfällt, bezahlt wird über Britain Travel)

26. SET UP COSTS (entfällt, gilt nur für Reiseanbieter)

27.   TERMINATION (entfällt, gilt nur für Reiseanbieter)

28.  YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES (entfällt, gilt nur für Reiseanbieter)


29.1  You agree to keep us indemnified for the full amount of all claims, liabilities, demands, damages, costs (including legal costs), expenses, fines and all other sums of whatever nature which we reasonably incur or become liable for as a result of your act(s) and/or omission(s) or those of your employees or sub-agents, or any party to whom any Jac Travel products shall be sold or otherwise supplied committed in breach of and/or outside the scope of these terms and conditions or otherwise without our authority.


30.1 It is agreed that any dispute, claim or other matter which may arise in relation to your use of Jac Travel or these terms and conditions will be governed by English Law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


Business and mailing address
JacTravel Ltd, 62-64 Chancellors Rd, London, W6 9RS, United Kingdom
Switchboard Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8563 7878
Hours of business (UK time)
Reservations:    Tel:    +44 (0) 20 7870 8560    Monday – Friday:    08.00 – 19.00
    Email:    res@jactravel.co.uk
Saturday:    09.00 – 14.00
    Fax:    +44 (0) 20 8748 8963    Sunday:    Closed
            UK Public Holidays:    09.00 – 17.00
At ALL other times we offer an Emergency Cover service 365 days a year
Switchboard Telephone:   +44 (0) 20 8563 7878
Emergency cover
Tel:  +1 604 687 5999    Canadian Hotels ONLY Tel:  +44 (0) 20 7870 8560    All Other Hotels

Cancellation Procedures (hier gelten die Stornierungsbedingungen von Britain Travel)

Jac Travel imposes the following cancellation policies and charges on behalf of the hotels and suppliers:-
o    No Shows
o    Where a passenger does not utilise their booking or a cancellation request is received after the check in time then a No Show charge will be applied and charged at the same rate as late cancellations. Jac Travel will guarantee your room for 24 hours from the normal check in time for the hotel. Arrivals after this time will be subject to availability.
o    In the event of a no show or early check out, a charge of up to 100% of the entire cost of the booking may apply.
o    Hotels
o    Cancellations must be made online either via the JacTravel Booking System or the API. Those clients who have taken the most recent API Spec update will be able to make cancellations online even within the cancellation period, for those who have yet to implement this upgrade, then, Only once this facility is unavailable because the cancellation deadline has been reached (in the case of the JacTravel Booking System a pop up message will appear and in the case of API bookings an error message will appear), please advise JacTravel Ltd in writing
Email:    res@jactravel.co.uk
Fax:    +44 (0) 20 8748 8963
o    For bookings made via Traditional methods ONLY all cancellations must be received in writing.
o    Please check carefully as a cancellation charge of at least a one-night stay per room booked may be payable. (For Jac Travel Booking System users pop up messages will also appear advising whether you are booking or cancelling within a cancellation period – API bookings an error message will appear).
o    Early check- outs may be charged
o    Please ensure that when sending your cancellation message it contains:
“CANCELLATION” & Jac Travel booking reference i.e. JCJA1234567 written at the top of the page or subject field in the case of email Original booking details & the Client reference number (if applicable)
o    ALL Other Services: To be sent manually to.  res@jactravel.co.uk
o    Hotels
API - Cancellation policies are provided live at point of search via the XML and www.jachotels.co.uk  For clients who have implemented previous versions of the JacTravel XML specification, please refer to the ‘ cancellation policy exeptions’ excel file which is available on the FTP site.  Please note that support of old versions of the XML may be withdrawn without prior notice.
Traditional Manual Booking Methods - Cancellations are subject to the “Cancellation Policy” for each hotel as listed
“Cancellation Charges” will be levied as a one-night charge per room. Exceptions to this are clearly displayed via the
XML at time of search and on www.jachotels.co.uk during the booking path.
Please check all cancellation charges carefully before booking
o    Transfers
Cancellation requests received within 2 days of arrival (working hours UK time) incur a 100% charge (If passengers arrive earlier or later than booked and make alternative arrangements 100% charge will still be incurred).
o    Sightseeing
Cancellations requests received within 2 days of arrival (working hours UK time) incur a 100% charge.
o    Attractions: Non-refundable.
o    Theatres: Non-refundable.

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